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If you have never been in love with how professionals do their work, we recommend to get to know ZAKHAR KOZOLII ARCHITECTS team.

Greetings! I'm Zakhar and i'm deeply inspired with beauty. Long time ago, with support of my family, I've started my way and now happy to help others to see how beauty can start from the empty walls.

I got my Master's degree in architecture in 2011, by graduating from Kiev International University of Architecture. As a student i got an amazing opportunity to practice in one of the most creative design studios in Ukraine - BELETAGE Design Group.

My work there was really exciting, but after a while i decided to take all care myself and to engage in each part of the process. So the decision came to split and found KO+KO Architects together with my partner. Dedicated work has bear it’s fruit: we developed a lot of interesting projects, learned to understand the client and embody his desires in our designs. In 2017, changings in the priorities and approach of each of the founders led to the fact that we parted.

I gathered a team of like-minded, brave and perspective people and we continued to do the work we admire, now labeled as ZAKHAR KOZOLII ARCHITECTS. Today my team consists of 4 specialists, and I am sure that in this structure we are a team of experienced architects, designers, artists and CGI specialists that I can be proud of.


Major advantage of our team is the rejection of typical projects in favor of individuality and attention to details. It is not enough that you have addressed to us once, we will make every effort to make our customer return with new projects and ideas. We value our reputation and do our best to justify everyone's trust.

Our interests and capabilities are not limited to architecture and interior design, no less strong side of our team is photorealistic 3D visualization, in order to provide the customer with the maximum profit ratio from the product being sold.

Many years of experience in the field of interior design and decoration allows us to cope with challenges of any complexity. That's why we see every project - not just as a set of documents, but a tool that reflects our character, our significance and your joy from the final result.


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3d modeling

Creating 3d visualization we represent any existing or designed project and make an impressive promotional image for the mass audience, the professional community of architects, developers and investors. We're focused on making up hyper-realistic 3D renderings and high quality architectural presentations. Our goal is to create the most effective and impressive visual content