Interior design of entrance group of residental complex
Entrance Group


The entrance group is a central part of residental complex and it is located at the intersection of important logistics routes of the city of Kyiv. According to the successful location relative to the sides of the horizon, many remote areas are well lit there and have excellent natural through-flow conditioning.

This group consists of several zones connected by a corridor system and elevator halls to each of the sections. The complex has a total of 6 sections, different in style and content. The largest entrance portal is located in the fourth section - it is the main administrative part of the complex. Upon entering the hall, every visitor is greeted by the administration located behind the reception desk, made of chrome metal, resembling waves. Here you can get quick information about navigating the complex, solve administrative issues, such as luggage placement, ordering tickets from a tour operator, currency exchange, pharmaceuticals, etc., and you will also have access to the rental calendar of the complex's existing real estate. The next part of the reception, which is made of artificial stone, is designed for 2 workplaces of a dispatcher and a security guard.

Opposite the reception, this part has a waiting and relaxation area with upholstered sofas and armchairs by Minotti. The walls of the central part, as well as the reception itself and the stairs, are lined with the same material - large-sized panels made of artificial stone of the Neocon company, and the ceiling is decorated with an author's chandelier made of Venetian glass. Art objects of the famous Ukrainian sculptor and artist Nazar Bilyk are also presented in the hall.

Behind the reception on the left, there is a seating area, lined on all sides with walnut panels, it contains comfortable leather sofas, coffee tables, armchairs and consoles from the updated collection of Minotti and Poltrona Frau. The dark part of the hall is complemented by columns decorated with Indian marble. Chandeliers and lights from the Artemida factory with warm muted lights create an unforgettable atmosphere of relaxation and a sense of home. The bank, post office, entrance to the restaurant and two elevator halls to the first and second sections of the complex are also located in this area. The stairs leading to the restaurant are equipped with a special elevator for people with reduced mobility and a ramp for baby carriages for unhindered access to any part of the complex.

The part to the right of the main entrance consists of a showroom, a travel agency, a dispatch room, a pharmacy, a cafeteria, common bathrooms and an elevator hall to the 4th and 5th sections. Each elevator hall of this part is decorated with walnut panels and decorative author's plaster with imitation of real rock. Each element and color of the hall is harmoniously combined in the overall Nordic mood of the interior design solution