ZS HOUSE | Interior Design

Only natural materials and modern approach
House interior design
320 sq m
Modern eclecticism


At customer’s request, wood is chosen as the main material, both in the creation of the facade and in the interior. Concrete, glass, metal and stone have become a successful addition to wooden structures. Creating an interior, we aimed to attain a comfort, not violating space of apartments. Modern eclecticism was chosen as the leading style. This style was ideally suited for an accessible set of materials. For zoning used decorative partitions of different materials, as well as different forms of illumination.

The bedroom and living room are made in dark colors. The dining room has light walls, furniture and panoramic windows, which are in good contrast with the dark partition with built-in fireplace. The kitchen is dominated by light elements, white floor, walls and surfaces visually expand the room. A special attention was paid to the children's room, natural materials, logical zoning and combined lighting made the children's room optimal for either toddler or teenager.